Those who are family, and those you choose to call your family.
As a value, ‘Ohana is a human circle of complete Aloha.


The value of stewardship. To take care of.
To serve and to honor, to protect and care for.

MANA Wines gives back to our Communities on both the Mainland & in Hawaii. We have a sense of duty to the younger generation & to those that have already served our Country.

Please learn more about our partnerships with these select non-profits and contact us if you are involved with a 501c(3) to collaborate and make a difference. Im not one to say No, so you may as well ask.


The word “Hawai’i” is not only the name of several islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, it is also the name of an ancient people. As all Hawaiian words are conceptual in nature and have many meanings, what they mean is determined by the context in which they are used. Let’s break the word Ha-wai-i into some of it’s root meanings. Ha is the sacred breath of creation of life; wai is the sacred water that sustains life and a symbol of great abundance; emphasizes what comes before it. So, a very simplified translation of Hawaii is an abundance of the forces that create and sustain life–within these people and their islands called Hawaii, and Aloha is their way of life. Read the entire original article here.

Mana Wines is sponsoring female atheletes


Whisper Charters

Carmel Surf Lessons

Pacific Grove Pony Baseball and Softball

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